Instantly discover 800 new, pre-opening
US retail store prospects, every month.



For B2B companies running national outbound campaigns. Increase the speed & volume of new, pre-opening retail store prospects entering your pipeline.

Empower your sales development team with the earliest sales intelligence: be first to know and first in your category to make contact.


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200 New Prospects / Week

US Retail provides your team access to 200 new, pre-opening US retail prospects, every week.

CSV Export for CRM

Easy CSV export makes exporting data from the platform to your CRM fast and easy.

100% Pre-Opening

All of the new businesses that OpenSoon discovers are at their pre-opening stage.

Focused On Independents & Small Regional Chains

OpenSoon is completely focused on independents and small regional chains.

Decision Makers

75% of the prospects include the name of a decision maker.


How often does OpenSoon US Retail generate new listings?

Every 7 days OpenSoon generates 200 new, pre-opening retail prospect listings.

What states / regions are the prospects located in?

The prospects are located in all states / regions of the US.

Are all 800 monthly listings unique?

Yes. Every month OpenSoon US Retail discovers 800 unique, new upcoming restaurant & bar openings.

Will OpenSoon work on my computer / device?

Yes. OpenSoon is a web-based app that can be accessed on any device with a web browser. There is nothing to download and nothing to update etc.

What is the lead time for the prospects?

Lead time for OpenSoon US Retail listings varies from one month to over a year.

How does billing work?

Billing is monthly by credit card, and your company can cancel at anytime.