hello everyone and welcome back to

another vlog in my life basically at

work that’s all I’m going to be bringing

to you guys now is content of us at work

today is Friday and I am working today

tomorrow and the next day in my store so

for those of you who don’t know I have a

retail store here in New Castle in

Maryville fate the store we have an

Instagram for the store specifically we

are open Thursday through til Sunday

every single week and this week I’m

working Friday Saturday Sunday in the

shop I’m not going to be able to do too

much vlogging tomorrow and Sunday in the

store just because the weekends are

busier and I don’t want to like film

customers and stuff like that I mean if

a legend of a customer comes in and they

want to be in the vlog maybe but yeah

anyway what’s the time right now the

time is 12 o’clock so our store opens at

2 o’clock we’re open to till 6 p.m. on a

Thursday and Friday so yeah we’re just

gonna get the store ready

we’ve got Mon over here she’s working in

the shop with me this time to noon yeah

we haven’t worked in the shop for ages

especially you you haven’t worked in the

shop since like last year so we’re just

for something different usually we’ve

got like our girls that work in the

store but at least art one of the girls

is getting her wisdom teeth out today

and then we just said to echo our other

girl we’re gonna work this afternoon

because we’re gonna do a bunch of

content stuff in the store because we

really don’t promote the store enough so

yeah right now mine is just styling up

some mannequins

these are two around knits cute pastel

vibes so oh she’s casual she is

so yeah we’re just getting some content

for our Instagram for the next week so

mom’s gonna do some manikin photos some

flat-leaf photos we’ve got these

floating floorboards that we’ve just

chucked down here which worked great you

know too late items out on and take

photos from above because our floor here

is like an orange it’s not very well

it’s nice but it’s not nice for the gram

so literally bought these from Bunnings

they’re just click clack floorboards and

we just chuck them on the ground to take

photos using no one would ever know so I

thought I would do a bit of an interview

with Monique about her and her role here

at faith so just tell us like a little

bit about yourself not the job but

yourself myself how long have you been

working here been working here for a

year it was my own very last week going

on next we are we’re going out for

drinks been here for a year we honestly

don’t know where the time has gone

Beauty never worked in fashion or I

think it’s like going on five years now

and I worked in Sydney for like four

years and then I can move back to

Newcastle niden you moved to London but

um I moved to London for a you worked

there and then I came back and I got a

job here it’s a very varied role so for

those people who are interested in your

particular job here what did you study

to get into working in PR so I studied

communications at Newcastle unity with

many other girls but you can really kind

of go into lots of different jobs mm-hmm

so I obviously was very passionate about

fashion and beauty so I did an

internship in Sydney at a fashion and

beauty PR company and then you kind of

get most of the experience working in

they’re all yeah so you’ve got to get an

internship is my number one piece of the

glass so for those who are curious what

is your main role here or roles at fate

and staple mobile brand manager so it’s

a little bit of a very droll so I do

mainly design graphic designer so I

design the idioms and the banners for

all our new collections EDM for anyone

who doesn’t know is like when you sign

up to a mailing list for like any brand

if you get those really pretty emails

maaan designs those so that’s the main

part of the job then I hope with like

updating the website with breathe we

also do a load of other things including

PR so lots of influence of gifting

pitching out to media you take flat lays

in manikin photos photo shoots

do you like creative things like

uploading all our songs to Spotify which

we think girls would really enjoy

thinking of black marketing initiatives

and like with purchase opportunities

just everything sometimes your PA yes

sometimes you pack orders in the

warehouse sometimes yeah and you

merchandize the store and then days like

today you’re actually going to be a

retail employee for the afternoon in our

cell we’re gonna upsell so I am standing

in my store which I have shown you guys

this before um I have two casual juniors

that work in the store we’re open four

days a week so I split the shifts

between them too but we are going to be


hiring a third girl another casual

really soon just to have is like a

backup for example like when the girls

are off work or whatever or they can’t

work it’ll be good to have a third girl

but whenever the girls can’t work I just

work so I’m working this weekend and it

is fun for me to come in here and

every now and then but I don’t work here

every single week because we’re so busy

doing everything else you know I could

be doing things that are more productive

for my businesses rather than being in

here but it is really fun to work in

here and to meet our customers face to

face it’s like a completely different

experience to selling online so yeah you

guys have seen the store before the

lights aren’t or onlet’s turn the lights

on I have shown you guys our store

before but this is us I need to turn

those lights on over there it’s a very

nice big space we’ve got two rooms in

here everything is color-coordinated in

this store which I absolutely love if

you guys watched my last vlog you would

have heard me talking about color

coordination we do it online and we do

it in the store as well just makes it

really easy for people to navigate

around and shop for colors that they

like so this is us and this is where

we’re working this afternoon so we’ve

got two hours until the store is opening

and we’re just going to get some content

and stuff between now and then and get

the store ready to open

so the point-of-sale system that we use

in the store is called square or square

up it runs off an iPad so I was lucky

enough to already have an iPad so

getting this was super easy um I just

got it from office works and this is

like our F post machine so this is where

people tap their card they insert it in

there or you can swipe it in there and

then the iPad just sits on this swivel

II stand and you do everything on here

so no need for like a big computer or

some big machine this is really minimal

and they’ve just got an app which you do

everything through so this is where you

put through the transactions people pay

on there and then we have paperless

receipts so you can either just email or

text the receipt to the customers yeah

I’m gonna put this in the vlog what just

nothing we’re making like a promotional

video for the store popper coton are you

editing this later the time is now four

o’clock four o’clock the shop has been

open for two hours and this is the first

time that no one has been in here

oh there’s someone okay be right back

hello again so I just checked in with

you guys at four o’clock and then I was

like be right back because some girls

were coming in now it’s five o’clock

it’s good this store because girls like

come in and like take their time and

chat mm-hmm it’s a really good vibe in

here they say you for like half an hour

yeah or more and it’s good because then

we can like get to know them we always

ask where everyone’s prefer also take a

road trip and come and see us we’ve just

turned the music down so we can do this

little blog but we’ve got one hour until

the shops closed but Mon is going home

now cuz she worked nine to five and I’m

gonna be here I don’t know it we keep

getting notifications during the girls

have been playing and how do how do I

know how to play sodoku it was down

there in a lot recently used when I was

on he wants and I was like sorry I don’t

even know how to play that do you yeah

you gotta get but like three games

completed no easy guys completed medium

or one game completed eighteen minutes

they played it for that’s it you could

literally see who’s but someone played

it for a Tyrian it’s one day yeah

they’re getting that docked off their

pay yeah it’s from last year I’m still

talking it the last hour he is always

like probably a bit quiet because it’s

really dark now it’s five o’clock pitch

dark outside but we’d like to stay open

from that 5 to a 6 p.m. because you know

if anyone finishes work at 5 they can

duck in but anyway you’re going home now

so as you guys can see it’s dark outside

– stomping upstairs and it’s just me

this is my work outfit today a pair of

jeans some little heels and a one sleeve


these turns off the sign turn up the

lights and here baby

extra bright I want y’all to save your

verse turn the upstairs lights uh-huh

and that’s it for a day it was a really

good day today be back again for another

day tomorrow

good morning everyone I am just doing my

makeup and thought I would start

vlogging again for today I’m probably

not going to do much vlogging at the

shop Saturdays I usually have business

  Cafe Restaurant Management Tips 2021

busiest for our busiest day I feel like

my makeup routine is kind of the same as

it’s always been for years I guess now

it’s probably just a more toned down

version I feel like there’s so many

years like three four years ago

especially like when I was doing a lot

of stuff on YouTube I felt like I felt

like I had to wear a lot of makeup like

I felt like I had to you know be full

coverage and all that all I’m using

right now is this tart tin to hydrator

this is this with the tiniest little bit

of concealer under my eyes wears like I

used to do that full you know big white

triangle under my eyes and the sharpest

contour that I could possibly do but I

feel like as I’m getting older I’m

enjoying more natural looking makeup

I mean I’ve enjoyed natural looking

makeup for like the last two years but

even more so now I don’t really ever

wear that like full

like not cake face but you guys know

what I mean so that is basically my

makeup very simple after all these years

I’m honestly still wearing velvet teddy

on my lips and to this day people still

ask what’s on your lips always velvet


I have done my hair just in a slick bun

I put these earrings in but I don’t

think I suit them like I don’t wear

earrings so I feel like I look like a

pirate and we’re ready to go to work I’m

excited me

a recount woke up with earrings what who

would have ever thought I’ve just got

the same jeans on that I had on

yesterday as well as these little heels

and this pink top with ties on the side

I always wear like things that we sell

in the store just because I feel like I

am a been for walking mannequin so we

always try and wear items that we have

in store anyway let’s go to work so I’m

back in the shop ready for another good


it’s so exciting working here turn the

lights on


come on there you go

and the jewelry stand good old trusty

iPad the speakers that I got are the

Bose connect speakers so we got two of

them and once it’s there and once it’s

over there near the lounge and they

connect and honestly it plays music

loudly throughout the whole store and if

any of you would like to follow our

playlist if you look up at the store we

have two different playlists so this one

is called lockdown vibes and we made it

when like lockdown first came out

actually got a lot of people following

it so yeah if you guys want to listen to

a cool playlist or add it to your

favorites on Spotify look us up across

the road there is a cafe called baked

uprising it’s really really popular they

make amazing pastries and bread it’s

very dangerous working across from there

swim room bit of a sad room to have in

winter but we still got some girls

yesterday buying swim and all we do is

flip all these sticks around so it

smells nice the store scent is coconut

and lime

anyway guys that is me I feel like a

freak with these earrings in only

because I never wear them but yeah this

is my outfit for today and that’s me for

the day might take the earrings out

though because I can’t take myself

seriously with them in so I’m working

with echo today and we’re finishing at

three o’clock so I’ll check in with you

guys then Saturday done and dusted at

work it was a really good day today was

so busy for like two hours and then in

the last hour once again it quietened

quieten quietened down I don’t even know

how to say that word

anyway echo has gone home near so I am

just gonna quickly shut up the shop and

go home and eat something because I’m

absolutely starving stores still looking

nice and clean we like to keep it clean

and tidy like as we work and replace

items on the racks as they sell out kind

of thing like we’re always replenishing

before I open this store I actually

never knew what to expect because I

didn’t have anything to compare it to

you know I’ve never owned a retail store

before obviously we have online but we

can’t really compare online to here

because you know we can have thousands

of girls on the website at one time

whereas in the store it’s you know a lot

more chill but it’s really good

I don’t know what I’m comparing it to

but I think for a store that isn’t in a

retail center we do really good you know

we don’t have foot traffic going past

here the lighting is really not the best

in here we don’t have foot traffic going

past here really we have a bakery across

the road which is really popular so

sometimes people wander over from the

bakery but other than that like this

isn’t a street that people would walk

down or walk past the stores

for anyone to come to our store they

really have to be coming here to come to

the store if that makes sense so I think

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for a like independent boutique that is

in a street that doesn’t have foot

traffic because it’s literally a

residential area here there’s all houses

around and a couple of businesses it

does really well some days are quiet

some days are busy but I think that’s

like any retail store even the ones that

are in Westfield and stuff yeah I just

absolutely love this space and it has

been fun to work in here this weekend so

not the lights and here baby


morning everyone is the last day of the

week today it is Sunday and oh the

weather is not good today it’s currently

raining not that I think you guys can

see it but it is raining it’s been

pouring all night that’s okay I have

just gotten back to work again so it’s

time to set up this shot you guys are

probably sick of me doing this but this

is what I do this is my outfit today I’m

just wearing a white oversized knit with

some black jeans and my little strappy

shoes here’s a look at my outfit strappy

shoes are from Bellini jeans are from

here and knit is from here as well

really oversized and comfy

hello peanut and sneaky me what are you

boys doing today you at work today

you’re very spoiled peanut be very

spoiled hello hello everyone I am at

work and I’m just currently filming a

tick-tock I was asked by mecha to make a

tick-tock for them for some of their new

orgasm products I’ve got a little

eyeshadow palette here and a cheek

palette and basically they just wanted

me to make like a cool fun

tick-tock and do like a bit of a

transition so I’m giving them two

options they left it up to me to pick

this song so I’ve just filmed like the

before of two different tik toks and now

I’m going to do my makeup and then film

the after part and put it together so

this is my face and then right now I’m

going to go and do my makeup using these

two palettes and then I’ll be back I

have done my makeup using the blush and

the eye palette it’s like a pinky look

and I’ll show you the two tic TOCs that

I’ve made hopefully they like either one

of them

this is the first one this one is my

favorite of the two they’re both cool



so that’s the first one and then this is

the second one it’s a lot shorter this

one but that’s what people on tik-tok do

so those two are done and they have been

sent off to Mecca hopefully they like

them because if not I’ll still probably

post them anyway so yeah that’s

literally it for now bye hello again


this is now towards the end of the vlog

I was editing this vlog yesterday and I

was like I think I’m gonna wrap it up

today is Thursday so we are just

starting the working week for the store

once again it is currently 1:30 so the

store opens in half an hour so I’m

working in the store again this week

wasn’t a plan but I am so I’m working

Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday here

again this weekend which I’m looking

forward to because I really enjoyed

working last weekend so yeah I’m gonna

wrap up this vlog now and get to it I’m

literally just for the next 4 days doing

exactly what you guys have been watching

in this vlog and right now I’m just

steaming some items I always say thank

God for steamers this steamer that we

use in the store oh it’s very dark

just from Kmart 50 dollars or something

and it works a charm honestly I don’t

know what we would do without the

steamer like if we had to physically

arnis on an ironing board it would be so

so time-consuming because using a

steamer is even time-consuming but it is

a lot faster to stand things I would

even suggest buying this for your home

not that we really steam and iron things

much these days but if you ever do have

an item that’s very wrinkly Kmart

steamer will save you a lot of time and

hassle and you don’t have to get out the

ironing board and all that but anyway

I’m going to wrap up this vlog I hope

you have enjoyed another business vlog

in my life I’m feeling very inspired

I was chatting on my Instagram story

last night about like business in

general as well and so many of you said

that the topic really interests you so

I’m definitely going to utilize this

YouTube channel of mine to show you guys

what it’s like to own a business in your

20s and perhaps teach you or a thing or

two along the way so yeah thank you guys

for watching and I’ll see you all soon

I’m not going to say it’s gonna be next

week but who knows at this rate

bye guys and I said peace out doggies in

the last vlog so peace out doing


Cafe Restaurant Management Tips 2021

Coffee Shop Business Plan

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