Creating A Profitable & Successful Coffee Shop Business

Number One thing I’ve always wanted to do as a
kid was to build a coffee shop five years ago I

did that. And today I’m going to be sharing with
you that eight tips and building a successful

coffee shop. Hey, it’s Wilson here your friend
and helping you build a successful profitable

restaurant. huge shout out for these two people
out here giving us support and inspiration and

creating these videos for you. If you want the
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section below. Let us know how you’re doing with
your restaurant business. Now without further ado,

let’s dive right in. Number one tip in starting a
successful coffee shop is to know your audience.

It is crucial for you to understand the profile of
your customers so you know what to serve them. And

you know that they’ll like it for sure it is so
detrimental to your business. If you serve them

something that they don’t like. Someone that
tailors and enjoys Starbucks Coffee is very,

very different than someone that enjoys Dunkin
Donuts, coffee. So we need to understand our

customer profile in order for us to serve them
what they need. And this is the reason why your

customers will come back to your coffee shop again
and again because you serve them exactly what they

want. Second tip in building a successful coffee
shop is to leverage your location. Understanding

the components that makes your location unique is
crucial as well. What are some of the components

number one is visibility is your shop visible
for drive by traffic, if it’s not that means

is a neighborhood environment coffee shop, then
you need to understand you’re doing business for

your neighborhood. Second thing is your community
understand what type of community you’re serving

within your location. If the community you’re
serving is in this high rise building full of

office people then you know exactly the type
of clients you’re serving. And to leverage

your location properly. So quick grabbing go is
what you would want to do. And the third thing is

accessibility is your location accessible by car
or by transit or by walking understanding. This

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allows you to create an carner this experience
for your ideal customer by leveraging the type

of location that you have. So then that way, you
can always have people coming into the doors and

out the doors all the time. Third point is to
make sure that your interiors and your food is

aesthetically pleasing. And what I mean by that
is because people now eat with their eyes, they

come in based upon the pictures that they see on
Instagram on review sites. And if your interiors

are not nice, it’s not pleasing, it’s not on brand
people will not come and try out your food. Same

thing with your food does not matter what the
quality of the food is. If it doesn’t look good,

people are not even going to come in and give
your items a try. Making all your items and your

interior is pretty an aesthetically pleasing is
your foot in the door. That’s what wins the first

chance. Give you an example a local mechanic shop
recently did a complete facelift, they renovated

the whole thing took out all the equipment’s
and built a cafe inside. And within this cafe,

it was modern, it was clean, it was aesthetically
pleasing. On top of that their food looks amazing.

And that’s the reason why they have lineups, out
the doors every single day. Although having said

that the quality of the food is just met. But
it is because the feeling that it gives their

customers which got them tons of business. Now
that you got your foot in the door, you got this

aesthetically pleasing interior and food item.
The fourth step is to make sure that the quality

of your food item is really good. Getting the foot
in the door is only one step. The second step to

get people to come back again, is to make sure
the quality of the food is good. If the quality

is no good, and people are not going to come back
and add then are they just going to spend 10s of

1000s of dollars on renovations and marketing yet
people don’t like it. That’s the reason why you

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need to have good quality food in order for people
to come back again and again. And in order for you

to build a long term successful coffee shop. If
you guys like this video whatsoever, make sure

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know this is the type of content you enjoy. Now

let’s get back to regular programming. The fifth
step in a successful coffee shop is to build a

community now that we have people coming in again
and again we want to turn these regular customers

into advocates of you into loyal fans that spreads
the word for you to introduce and get people to

come in. And that’s where the community comes
in. You need to help them feel like they belong

in this environment. Help them feel like that
they are one of you guys, and that’s how you’re

going to be able to have them As part of your
community, connect with them, build a relationship

with them. And that’s how you’re going to be able
to convert regular customers into loyal fans that

would always choose you over your competitors.
The sixth step in a profitable coffee shop is

to know your numbers. So many restaurant owners go
out of business because they don’t understand the

numbers. They don’t know what their cost of goods
sold are. They don’t know what the prime costs

are. They don’t know what is the labor costs.
That’s the reason why you need to understand your

numbers, not only in order for you to actually
know which levers to pull in order to change your

business to improve your business business, but
also to know when someone is stealing from you.

When someone and or when operations and systems
can be improved upon. It is all down to the

numbers. The seventh step in building a profitable
coffee shop is the average order value a Ovie

What does it mean? means that how much people
are paying you per transaction as an example,

in a coffee shop? How many coffees Do you need
to sell in order for you to make enough profits


to pay rent, if every coffee you sell makes you
25 cents, that’s a lot of coffees we’re talking

about just in order for you to make rent. And
that’s the reason why a lot of coffee shop owners,

they have pastry, they have fruits, they have
soup, they have salads, all these type of items

that uplifts the average order value, and that is
in hopes to get a bigger profit in their pocket.

So we should always always be looking at ways
to increase the average order value in order for

us to make a bigger profit. The final tip is to
diversify it is crucial to diversify. And as you

can see through this whole pandemic, if you only
rely on dine in service, then Unfortunately, most

likely you’re going to be out of business by now,
which is a reason why we should always diversify.

Now, how do you diversify? We’re talking about
doing catering different events, third party

delivery apps such as Uber Postmates grubhub.
Check out this video if you want to learn more

about the nuances and how do you leverage third
party delivery apps. And also you can actually

utilize under utilized assets within your business
just like how Kyle did he created a course which

made him an extra $50,000 doing bartending, which
is the reason why you should always diversify and

not put all your eggs in one basket. So there
you go the eight steps in building a profitable

coffee shop I know this video might be a little
bit short, maybe a little bit in the surface,

which is a reason why I invite you to check out
our hour long free masterclass in the link below

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8 Steps in Creating A Profitable & Successful Coffee Shop

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