“Over 30,000 new employer small businesses open in the US every month. Our ongoing mission is to discover & document every one of them, before they open, as the research of record for new, pre-opening small businesses in the US.”
“OpenSoon directly addresses the three major pain points of selling to SMB’s: staying informed that new SMB’s exist in the first place (discovery), being able to connect with the right person (decision maker & contact details), and connecting early in their business cycle. If your sales team is informed, able to connect with the decision maker, and can connect early in the SMB’s business cycle, your chances of gaining them as a customer increase dramatically.”
“Previously if B2B companies wanted to find new SMB’s before they opened, they would have members of their sales development team sitting on Google all day, or worse, have their account executives doing it. The goal of OpenSoon is to keep your sales team focused on engaging, qualifying & closing new SMB’s, while OpenSoon takes care of your new prospect discovery.”

– Steve Waters, Founder & CEO, OpenSoon

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