1) On average it takes our users 5-8 emails to receive a response from a prospect. If your team is only sending one or two, they’re not really in the game. Persistence is key.

2) Email validation status is provided to keep you in your email service providers good books – use it. Dependent on your ESP’s bounce threshold, you should be using emails with the corresponding status that is safe for you. More details about contact data validation here.


1) On average it takes our users 6 attempts to reach a prospect. If your team is only calling once or twice, they’re not really in the game. Persistence is key.

2) Ensure your team is using the “Contact Notes” field: this will provide context if the phone number is for another business the decision maker owns.


1) Ensure that your team is using the Mail Delivery Point status in the “Address Status” field. This will tell you the current USPS status of the address, and whether the address is currently mailable. More details about contact validation here.





Increase Your Cadence

While persistence is obviously key in any sales scenario, it is of even more importance when prospecting pre-opening SMB’s. Your team is contacting people who are in the process of opening a new business, and are dealing with hundreds if not thousands of details. From our experience we suggest increasing your call / email / direct mail cadence to include 50-60% (or more) touches compared to your cadence for currently operating SMB’s.

Set A Realistic Timeline

Dependent on your company’s products / services, in general SMB’s at their pre-opening stage are going to have a longer sales cycle than currently operating SMB’s. It should also be taken into consideration that the projected opening dates for SMB’s are often pushed back, particularly restaurants & bars, also potentially lengthening the sales cycle.

Don’t Sit On The Data

The listings OpenSoon generates are meant to be added to your pipeline regularly, ideally weekly. Early movers definitely have an advantage.

Test Different Approaches

Dependent on the sophistication of your company’s sales process and the product / service your company sells, your team may need to test a few different approaches before finding one that specifically works with pre-opening SMB’s.

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